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Wholesale Spray Tan Business Resources

Did you know there are so many websites that you can actually purchase spray tan supplies from at WHOLESALE prices?!


I'm not really sure why not a lot of spray tan artists/trainers talk about these sites, but you know aint no GATEKEEPING over here!!!


Here are a few sites that I personally love to purchases supplies/equipment/solutions from, especially when I was first getting started in my spray tan business...


@thesunlessstore is awesome for solution like Black Magic and Equipment

@theofficialtanningstore has solution like St. Tropez and Equipment

@fstanning has such great deals on retail products like Hemptz

@artesiantan has more Spray Tan Business supplies


Some of these companies will require a business license/EIN or Tax Id number, but if you have those set up your accounts and get some great pricing for your spray tan business!


Did you know about these companies?!?!


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