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Ventura County's Flawless Spraytan

Teeth & Tan Package


Get event-ready with our teeth and tan package.

Includes one teeth whitening session and one spray tan.

Choose between classic or rapid solution.

*$10 charge applies for rapid solution

Classic Spray Tan


  • 8-Hour rinse

  • Custom formulated color

  • Naturally derived organic solution 

  • Application of finishing powder

Rapid Spray Tan


  • 3 to 4-Hour rinse

  • Color determined by length of processing time

  • Naturally derived organic solution 

  • Quick-dry formula

Bridal Packages


  • Includes 2 spray tans

  • Use one for your bridal shower or bachelorette party, and the other for your special day! 

  • We also offer specials for the bridal party, contact us for details. 

Teeth Whitening


  • Gentle yet effective formula that will help remove surface stains to leave you with a brighter, whiter smile!

  • Follow-up appointments available if desired at a discounted rate of $89


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