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Teeth Whitening Cheek Retractors

How many times have you been overwhelmed by the amount of options there?!

I want to just share by Top 2 favs that I have used, so maybe it can help you make a decision as to what you would like to use in your business.

Latex cheek retractors are definitely my FAV...

They give your clients lips the most protection possible.

The downside to them though, seem to outnumber the pros:

They seem to be really hard for clients to insert into their mouth.

They also require a lot of mouth muscle from the client, causing the appointment to be a little uncomfortable.

They are also pretty hard to find them at an affordable price in bulk options.

Plastic cheek retractors are my second choice:

They are more comfortable

Easier to insert

Super affordable and easy to find in bulk.

But they too have some cons:

Clients with bigger lips aren't going to get as much protection as their lips tend to hang a little from the top section. You can use cotton swabs under their gums, but that can be a little uncomfortable.

There are definitely other options and I have personally tried TONS, but at the end of the day these are my go to's!

Things to think about when choosing a cheek retractor for your clients:




Easy access to purchase in bigger quantities.

If you want more details on these retractors, check out my Newest YouTube video where I explain them in detail! Make sure to SUBSCRIBE!!!

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