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Spray Tan Set Up- Ditch the Tent and Get Creative!

It's so funny when I see the look of SHOCK on my students face when I open up their spray tan tent during training, they were definitley not expecting this thing to be that big!!!

I love to describe my original spray tan space to people so they can get clear understanding of where I started!! My firs spray tan space was in my tiny 1 bedroom studio apartment and when I would set up my spray tan tent, my clients could actually reach and touch my stove and refridgerator! I wasn't ideal to say the least, but O made it work!!

That's what I had to work with, I was so determinded to make this business work that I didn't let the thought of it hold me back! I made the space super comfortable and very welcoming. I would have been easy to feel embarassed and allow those thought to make me not want to advertise my business and not continue to make it better, but that wasn't an option!!

I worked in that space for over a year and a half, then got marrie and moved into a bigger office/studio space in my home. it was PERFECT (at the time). It had a seperate entrance, it was away from the family and big enough to get rid of that space hogging tent!! I found a great deal on Facebook Marketplace for a Norvell Extraction unit! You know the ones with those super cute mirrors on the side! Well, it worked but it really didnt offer the benefits I had wanted it for. I was hoping that the fans that were built in would really help with the overspray issue! NOPE, those fans are not what I was hoping for!

I want to share some really creative, budget friendly, and function ideas to make your space even better! You don't have to use that spray tan tent! There are so many other great ideas. I will say though, that regardless what other ideas you may come up with, having a powerful extraction fan is KEY!! Your wall set up is just to protect your walls, the tent is just used to confine the ocerspray to one area, even with just the tent alone, it doesnt work very well! So make sure you ge a good extraction fan!!

Here are the ideas I have come up with!!

  1. Just using Black Curtains! Honestly, I think this is such a great idea! In this picture, just remove the extraction booth and I think it would be great!! They are easy to install, affordable and easy to wash!!! Put on the floor and get to tanning!!

2. Peel-N-Stick Flooring!! Yup! Thats all I used in my second studio! It was originally just going to be an accent wall, which was BEAUTIFUL!! It easily could be used as a spray tan space!! They are super affordable, easy to peel and stick (you may have to nail down as well) and looks so great!!!

3. WALL PANELS!!! I was shocked when I found these at Lowes!!! SUPER EASY to install, and surprisinly super affordabe!!! They come in so many designs, pattern and prices. Such a great, easy way to create a spray tan space!

I hope these spaces have inspired you to get creative and DITCH THE TENT!!! Here is my full YouTube video on this exact topic!

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