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Spray Tan Equipment Mistakes Every Tanning Pro Should Avoid

When it comes to spray tanning, we all aim for that flawless, sun-kissed glow. However, it's not uncommon for spray tan artists to encounter a series of frustrating issues that can put a damper on the tanning experience. The most common problem we see time and time again is overspray. "I have so much overspray in my studio!" "I'm going through so much solution!" "My clients are always beading!" If these sound familiar, we've got some valuable advice to share: turn your spray tan gun down!

Adjusting Your Spray Tan Gun

One of the most straightforward solutions to overspray is to lower the intensity of your spray tan gun. Many spray tan artists unknowingly crank up the power, thinking it will result in a faster and more even tan. In reality, this often leads to excess overspray, which not only wastes solution but can also create a mess in your studio and leave your clients less than satisfied.

Machine Placement Matters

Now, let's talk about your spray tan machine. Is it overheating? Does it turn off unexpectedly? This could be related to its placement. For optimal performance, make sure your machine is positioned near the floor. Placing it on a counter or shelf can overwork your compressor, causing a host of issues. Keeping it closer to the floor ensures better airflow, helping to maintain the machine's efficiency.

Filter Maintenance

Another frequently overlooked aspect of spray tan equipment maintenance is the machine's filter. Do you know where it is and how often you need to clean it? Neglecting your filter can lead to decreased performance and more overspray. Regularly clean or replace the filter, as indicated by the manufacturer's guidelines, to keep your machine in tip-top shape.

No More Leaks

Is your spray tan gun leaking? It can be frustrating to deal with constant drips and spills during tanning sessions. Often, the culprit is a loose cup. Make sure your cup is securely fastened to the gun, and try to minimize excessive movement during the spray process. The more the solution is jostled in the cup, the higher the chances of leaks.

Perfect Your Technique

Another crucial factor in reducing overspray is proper technique. Avoid spraying upside down, as this can lead to uneven tans and more overspray. Take the time to learn and practice good spray tanning technique, ensuring that your clients leave with a smooth, natural-looking tan.

Inspect Your Gasket Foam

Lastly, check the gasket foam on your spray tan gun. Over time, it can become warped or damaged, leading to leaks and inconsistent spraying. Regularly inspect and replace the gasket foam to maintain the integrity of your equipment.

The key to resolving many common spray tan equipment issues, especially overspray, lies in making simple adjustments, practicing good maintenance, and perfecting your technique. By turning down the power on your spray tan gun, placing your machine correctly, cleaning your filter, securing your cup, and ensuring your gasket foam is in good condition, you'll be well on your way to providing your clients with the flawless tans they desire. Say goodbye to overspray, and say hello to happy clients and a thriving spray tan business!

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