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My ULTIMATE Spray Tan Business Mistakes

Starting a spray tan business or any beauty business can be really overwhelming. Let me take you through my Rookie year as a Spray Tan Business owner. Some of the mistakes I made and some of the things I think I did pretty well.

  1. The importance of automating my business

  2. Investing time into learning how to market my business

  3. Understanding who my ideal client was

  4. Setting business policies

  5. Taking ownership of my contacts early on

Reflecting on my mistakes during the first year of my spray tanning business has been a valuable exercise. Although challenging, these experiences have shaped me into a more knowledgeable and resilient entrepreneur. By sharing these lessons, I hope to guide others starting their own ventures in the spray tanning industry, allowing them to avoid similar pitfalls and accelerate their success.

Remember, mistakes are part of the journey, and learning from them is what sets us on the path to growth. By embracing the lessons from my rookie year, I have been able to refine my business strategy, enhance customer experiences, and ultimately thrive in the competitive spray tanning market. Here's to embracing challenges, learning from our mistakes, and building successful businesses in the world of spray tanning entrepreneurship.

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