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My Experience at Slay The Spray 2023

If you're new to the spray tan industry or have been living under a rock for the past few years, let me take you on a journey through my recent experience at Slay The Spray 2023. Hosted by Kelly Callaghan, the brilliant mind behind XTan Sunless and Spray Tan Class, this annual conference has become a must-attend event for spray tan artists around the globe. This year's extravaganza, held at the LAX Hilton, was nothing short of phenomenal.

The conference kicked off with a glamorous cocktail party, providing a much-needed dose of luxury for attendees. I had the pleasure of enjoying this evening with my husband, relishing in the fancy atmosphere. What made the night truly special was the chance to meet fellow spray tan artists who followed my journey on YouTube and other social media platforms. It was a humbling experience to connect with those who share a passion for the art of spray tanning.

Day 1: Speaking at Slay The Spray:

The highlight of my Slay The Spray experience was undoubtedly Day 1, where I had the incredible opportunity to take the stage as a speaker. The nerves were real, but as soon as I began sharing insights with over 200 like-minded individuals, it felt like addressing a room full of my best friends. My topic for the day: creating a flawless client experience. It was an honor to contribute to the collective knowledge of the spray tan community.

I wasn't the only speaker at Slay The Spray 2023. The lineup featured numerous accomplished spray tan artists who generously shared their tips and tricks. The wealth of knowledge presented was truly endless. Being a part of this gathering allowed me to absorb valuable insights, elevating my skills and techniques. The collaborative spirit of the event emphasized the importance of unity in an industry that can sometimes feel isolating.

The Importance of Slay The Spray:

In the niche world of spray tanning, owning a beauty business can often be a solitary endeavor. Local competition can breed a sense of rivalry among practitioners. Slay The Spray offers a unique opportunity for spray tan artists to break free from isolation and connect with others who understand the journey. The camaraderie built through online forums and social media translates into a refreshing face-to-face experience at the conference. Sharing struggles, successes, and insights reenergizes businesses and fosters a sense of community that is invaluable.

As I reflect on my time at Slay The Spray 2023, I'm already eagerly anticipating next year's event. Rumor has it that Slay The Spray 2024 might be taking place in Nashville. If the opportunity arises, I highly recommend securing a seat early. The connections made, the knowledge gained, and the sense of belonging fostered at Slay The Spray are not to be missed. Special thanks to all the incredible women I met and to Kelly for envisioning and orchestrating this transformative experience. Until next year!

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