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Marketing FAILS: Lessons Learned From Growing My Spray Tan Business

Starting a beauty business is a journey filled with both triumphs and pitfalls. As someone who entered the world of spray tans with a traditional mindset, I quickly realized that the landscape had evolved, demanding a new set of marketing skills. In the spirit of transparency and learning from mistakes, I want to share some marketing fails from the early stages of my spray tan business. These experiences taught me valuable lessons that reshaped my approach. Join me in reflecting on the missteps and discovering the strategies that eventually led to success.

1.Business Cards and Brochures: A Costly Mistake

In the beginning, I believed in the power of tangible marketing materials – business cards and brochures. However, dropping these at other businesses proved to be ineffective and costly. As a fellow brick-and-mortar business owner now, I understand the frustration of being handed unsolicited materials. It's crucial to recognize that the digital era demands a different approach. Learn from my experience and invest your resources wisely.

2. Referral Discount Programs: A Time-Consuming Mess

Implementing a referral discount program seemed like a great idea initially, but the reality was far from ideal. Tracking referrals, ensuring discount validity, and managing the entire process became a time-consuming mess. While word-of-mouth referrals are powerful, the traditional structure I adopted proved inefficient. Discover how I revamped this strategy to make it work seamlessly in my latest YouTube video.

3.Free Tans: A Well-Intentioned Misstep

Offering free tans as a promotional strategy might sound enticing, but my execution raised eyebrows for all the wrong reasons. Broadcasting on social media that I was providing free services inadvertently conveyed a lack of confidence and professionalism. Learn from my blunder and explore the corrected approach in my YouTube video, where I delve into the details of transforming this strategy into a success.

To grasp the transformation from marketing fails to successes, check out my latest YouTube video. I share the specific steps I took to rectify these missteps and provide insights into what actually worked. Subscribe to my channel to stay updated on effective marketing strategies and the journey of growing a beauty business in the ever-evolving digital age.

Growing a beauty business requires adaptability and a willingness to learn from mistakes. My early marketing fails were stepping stones to a more informed and effective approach. By sharing these experiences, I hope to guide fellow entrepreneurs away from common pitfalls. Embrace the new tricks of the trade, and remember, success often arises from the lessons learned in the not-so-great moments.

With Love, Gina <3

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