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Is Teeth Whitening Legal?

Have you thought about starting a teeth whitening business? BUTTTTT the thought of all the legal aspects of it is paralyzing you from moving forward? I get it!! So lets talk about it! I want to give you the RIGHT answers, so that you can make an educated to decision to start your business!

So! Laws in regards to teeth whitening, and who is allowed to offer teeth whitening is all based on the assumption that the service provider will actually be touching or applying products to the client directly. In essense the the laws are made for who in a dental office can apply products to patients. Some states allow Registered Dental Assistants to apply products directly to clients and other states only allow a Dental Physician to apply products to patients.

When you are trained the CORRECT way you will learn, that by not actually applying products to your client and only providing: Products, Supplies, Equipment and your knowledge this is how you can successfully offer Teeth Whitening as a service.

I am often asked, "Well why would my clients pay me to apply products to themselves?" or " I can't imagine anyone paying to do a service themselves!" These are all valid questions! The way I explain this is, your clients are paying for the amazing products that you can not get over the counter, your equipment that can't be purchased on Instagram and your knowledge on how to apply it correctly!

The introduction of teeth whitening into my spray tanning business has nearly DOUBLED my income! What is so great about Teeth Whitening is that it is such an open market! Men and women both want white teeth!! It's also a service that people actually like to do together with a significant other, friend or family memeber! DOUBLE THE MONEY IN THE SAME TIME!! The other BEST part about offering teeth whitening?!?!? ..... There is no governing body to regulate Teeth Whitening AS LONG AS YOU DON'T TOUCH YOUR CLIENTS!!!!!

I would LOVE to help you get started in your Teeth Whitening journey! I offer a teeth whitening training program that comes with a full starter kit!!

Whats included in your training kit (comes with Online & In Person Training options):

  • 1 LED light

  • 1 protective glasses

  • 1 bid clip

  • 10 Teeth Whitening Kits

  • 1 Mouthwash

  • 1 Granulated Toothpaste

  • 20 Aftercare Cards

  • Online Access for all options

  • Consent Form

  • Continued Wholesale Product Pricing Exclusive to Impressive Glow Students ONLY

  • Certificate of Completion

Here is my recent YouTube video explaining so much more!

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