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Is Spray Tan Solution Really Organic?

I think the hardest part about getting a CLEAR answer to this question is the the interoperation and lack of regulation really leads this subject open ended.

Words like Organic, Natural, Vegan, Clean, Plant Based, are ALL used by companies as a marketing tool! Don't get pulled down the rabbit hole!

Lets talk about a few FACTS in regards to the spray tan industry and spray tan solution. Although the USDA does not regulate spray tan solution and its ingredient lists, the FDA has actually approved the main ingredient (dihydroxyacetone) as an approved product to darken the skin. There a few other "Certifications" thrown around by spray tan companies like Eco Certified and Cosmo Certified, just know these are not Federal Governing bodies.

Now lets talk about the true definition of "Organic", to be truly considered "organic", the product can not include any ingredient that is Man Made. the trouble we find with this in regards to spray tan solution, is that the man ingredient in spray tan solution, although may be created from organic ingredients, like sugar, beets, sugar cane, there are man made ingredients added to the DHA. Hence losing it's "organic" seal.

I think what solution should really be called, rather than organic, is Natural. Spray Tan artist truly do want to offer the most amazing products to their clients, but instead of looking for "Organic" products here are a few key things they should be looking for in their spray tan solution:

Paraben Free

Mineral Oil Free

Animal Cruelty Free

Added moisturizing ingredients

Natural Extracts

Watch this YouTube video for even more clarity!!

Let me know your thoughts on this subject!!

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