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Instagram Feed vs. Stories

Are you really taking advantage of your IG Business Account? The hardest part to watch is Beauty Business owners not understand how to manipulate and use all IG has to offer in order to gain followers that will eventually turn into clients! Lets talk about IG Feed vs. Stories, there are definitely some tips and tricks to understand what you should be posting where to really capture your future clients attention: Instagram Feed: This is your Portfolio of work and your opportunity to become the expert of your service. This is NOT a place to post personal pictures of your Dog, kids, coffee or partying! Here are some ideas of Pillars of content to think of: B&A's Educational Reels Motivational/Inspirational Entertaining Instagram Stories: This is where the fun can happen, this is where you become a real person and not just a profile picture or a logo. This is where you can be yourself, share your day, your family, your pets, even your rants....BUTTT it can also be the BEST place for you to ENGAGE with your clients, using all the tools IG has to offer... Some ideas to post on stories: Behind the Scenes Explain your appointment process Show your tools Share your story Share your day Rant about things that are funny Show your family

Engagement ideas: IG Polls IG question box Use music Use GIF's All of these things matter. Check out my New YouTube video as I explain all things IG Feed vs. Stories!

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