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Instagram Bio Breakdown for Beauty Business Owners

So, here is your first challenge before we get into the Tips and Tricks!!! I want you to log onto another account, rather than your business account and I want you to search your local area and your service....Does you account show up?! If so, awesome you are doing it right, but if not, LET'S see if we can help that!!!

Why do we want out accounts to show up first??!! Well, first you have to agree that Instagram is the new Yellow-pages, and if you are too young to understand that, then realize that Instagram is used for SEO searches in your local area for different services!

Instagram Handle....This needs to be your business name!! PRO TIP, take all the extra characters out of your handle!!! If you have "creative" spelling or additional characters, it is so hard to search for you and tag you!

NAME PLATE.... This area seems to be used to either, repeat the business name or their personal name! This field is probably one of the most SEO searchable fields in your IG Bio, take advantage of it!! Here I think you should use your Local area, and the service you provide. So that when someone is searching for your service in that particular area, your account ranks higher!

Actual Bio....This is another key place to use keywords, this section is used for key SEO words... You should for sure enter your name! How will people know how to address you? Then You want to add your location AGAIN, here you can also add other cities you service. Then in detail, the types of services you offer, a way that when someone looks at your account they know exactly what to expect from your business.

We are not done yet!!! You have to let people know how to book your services! Is there a link, do you want them to DM, do you have a phone number to call? The appointment flow starts here!

Remember, another key factor that the algorithm takes into consideration, is how consistent you are with your account, you can make all the key changes but without consistent content, IG doesn't know you are still in business!!

Make sure to watch my newest YouTube video with all of these tips explained in DETAIL, and if you enjoy make sure to subscribe!!


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