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Find Spray Tan Models and Get More Content!

Find people to practice your new skill son when you are first getting started can be really frustrating. You quickly find out who supports this idea and who doesn't. You really have to learn not to take it personal.

Too often I see new spray tan business owners, just posting on Facebook or IG begging people, "I started a new spray tan business, FREE spray tan just to let me practice!", this is such a wrong way to go about this!!

1. Anything FREE is devalued

2. This is an open ended invitation, someone will try to take advantage of this down the line!

3. "Practice" means you have no idea what you are doing!

4. There is no purpose or strategy for this type of post.

INSTEAD, throw a "Content Party"

Invite only, intentional invitations

Must make appointment to receive prep instructions

Make it fun, wine, snacks, music, its gotta be a vibe

MUST be willing to take pictures and allow you to post

Must leave a review!

THIS IS STRATEGY!!! Watch my newest YouTube video for more in-depth details!

What do you think of this idea?

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