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  • Where is your in-person training located?
    Impressive Glow Studio is located in Ventura, CA
  • What days do you do in-person training?
    All in-person training sessions are offered Saturdays and Sundays
  • If I would like to book an in-person training how do I know which dates are available?
    All scheduled available dates are listed on each product page under options. Chose any date/s that are convenient for you.
  • Are in-person Duo Trainings 2 day training sessions?
    Yes, there is so much detail to go over, it is very hard to cram that much information into 1 day. In person Duo training are scheduled Saturday and Sunday, to ensure that all information is provided and that you don't feel so rushed that you end up forgetting everything! Saturdays class is Spray Tanning starting at 10am PST (5-6 Hour class) Sundays class is Teeth Whitening starting at 10am PST (3-4 Hour class)
  • How does online training work?
    All our online training programs are self-paced and ready to start once purchased. You will receive an email to access the online course to start. Online programs contain videos, worksheets, and links. They also included continued mentorship via Private Facebook Group and Zoom calls. @ for Spray Tanning 1 for Teeth Whitening
  • Do you offer business training?
    I offer continued mentorship with ALL training programs. You also receive Zoom calls included in your training and we can discuss anything from business, marketing, technique and any concerns you have starting your business. If you need detailed business training check out 😉
  • Am I allowed to offer teeth whitening without a license?
    Yes! My training is designed so that anyone can offer teeth whitening service and stay within the law.
  • What equipment do I need to get started?
    You don't need to have equipment right away. In fact I offer equipment tips in my training. Teeth Whitening trainings come with a full equipment package.
  • Will you give me suggestions on spray tan solution and teeth whitening products after training?
    Yes, I will give you a link to my most used spray tan solutions in my spray tan course. Also I offer wholesale pricing to Impressive Glow teeth whitening products for Impressive Glow students only!
  • Do you offer training for outside the United States?
    We offer trainings in more than 160 countries, including China. Our online training courses are available anytime and anywhere with an internet connection. Trainings by Impressive Glow are a great way to work on your skills while you're growing your new business!
  • Will I receive a Certificate of Completion once I complete the training?
    Yes you will receive a Certificate of COmpletion from the Impressive Glow Training program.
  • What is the difference between Online and Live Virtual Training?
    All our Online trainings are self paced and ready to start once you purchases. Live Virtual Trainings are LIVE Zoom classes and have select dates available to join. Get all your questions answered LIVE! with LIVE technique demonstrations.
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