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Isn't it such a negative word?! I think that people, especially women in the beauty industry, are taught to look at competition is such a negative way, that it breeds, fear, resentment, jealousy, and all the wrong feelings. If we can learn to look at fellow artists in our industry as not competition , but as just who they are, other artists, we can take back control of how we actually see our own business and how we are looked at as artist.

When you start to allow the negative components consume you when you think of other artists in you area, you start to compare yourself, you start to critique their work, you loose focus of YOU and YOUR business. You start to gossip and become this person you did not want to be in the industry. You speak empowerment, you speak kindness, don't let yourself get swept up into the negative! Your clients are watching and listening to how you speak about others and that speaks volumes about your business!

Instead of competition, think of all the great ways other artists are sharing the desire for your service in your area, spreading the word that this is something that they should really look into! Its almost like they are helping you market in your area!

Have you googled the amount of women in your local area alone? I have 420,000 + women in my local county ALONE!! I cant, nor do I want to spray tan them all!! There is enough business to go around. I have a specific ideal client, and these are my key clients, the other artist has their Ideal clients, how great that clients have a choice! That's not a bad thing!!

At the end of the day, focus on what you can control, and that's you and your efforts with your business! Don't get distracted!

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