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This course is for established spray tan artists who need additional spray tan science help. This information is included in the all Spray Tan training courses. You do not need to puchase this course in addition to Spray Tan Training programs. 


If there is ONE question I get asked each and every day, whether its during a coaching call, a spray tan training, or in my DM's....

"What is the BEST Spray Tan Solution?"


That is such a LOADED questions and so many factors go into that answer,  honestly its not even the same answer for every person asking it!




I have taken many spray tan training programs myself in search for this answer when I first started my business. What I realized.... Spray Tan Training Programs dont do a great job at teaching SCIENCE when it comes to spray tan solution, the advice is really...


"This solution is the best!"

"You don't need to use more tan one solution brand!"


In my personal experience that did not benefit me in any way! So when I created my training program, my entire purpose was to teach SCIENCE and understanding the Theory of Spray Tan Solution selection, so that my students could make educated decisions when it comes to spray tan solution. 


I have recently started to realize what a PAIN in THE BOOTY it is to have to reinvest in an entirely new training program to get that information. This is where this new idea came from. I want to create a program solely based on Spray Tan Solution Education!


Spray Tan Solution 101

Is coming to the rescue!!!



Chapter Outlines:


  • Spray Tan Science (How Does Spray Tanning really work?)
  • Is it really Organic?
  • DHA Factors
  • Bronzers vs. DHA
  • Why use Clear Bronzer?
  • Skin Type & DHA (Guaranteeing you will not turn your client ORANGE!)
  • Does Ethnicity Matter?
  • Skin Tone & Solution Base (Violet, Green, Brown, Red)
  • How do I determine Skin Type and Tone?
  • Regular vs. Rapid
  • Alcohol vs. Aloe
  • Different Solutions for different reasons
  • Climate MATTERS
  • What is a CUSTOM Spray Tan?
  • Additives in your solution? Is it a good idea?
  • Factors that will turn your client ORANGE


This course will be video based with worksheets and links!


You will receive a Certificate of Completion from Impressive Glow so you can display your detailed knowledge in the spray tan industry!


This course does not include Spray Tan technique or business information. 

Spray Tan Solution 101

Excluding Sales Tax
  • No Refunds/Returns for any reason

  • Course is only to be accessed by purchaser. Please do not share course with others. All informatioon is based on the experience of Gina with Impressive Glow. Gina or Impressive Glow LLC is not responsible for any issues that may arise from this course. Entertaiment purposes only, this is not an accredited program, state or beauty industry standard. 

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