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Mini Course is a pre-recorded video trainings

The Mini Course Bundle EVERY Spray Tan Artist needs....


These individual courses will be available seperatley after the Offical Launch in 2/19/24

(Individually they will be $65 each)


Get the bubdle before the launch date and SAVE!


Occasional to REGUALR

One of the hardest things about owning a beauty business like Spray Tanning, is trying to move the ”occasional” clients into Regular clients. Let’s help you get to the point where girls are fearful to miss a spray tan with you!


  • Ideal Client Research
  • Memberships/Packages
  • Marketing that works
  • Email Marketing


Curvy Girls

Some of the best tips/tricks/ and reality aspects of spray tanning your Curvy clients


  • Position Techniques
  • Realistic Expectations
  • Creating a Comfortable Environment
  • Marketing



OTC Products 101

As a spray tan artist, not only should we be able to tell clients which products to use, be also give them the reason as to why!


  • Why Dove is a bad word!
  • What ingredients to look out for
  • Best OTC Product List
  • Retail Prooducts



Spray Tan Artist Mini Course Bundle

Excluding Sales Tax
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