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Impressive Glow Spray Tan Training

The most detailed Online Spray Tan Training course available! Brand Neutral and based on SCIENCE!



Online Training Details:

  • Self Paced (Pre-recorded) Program (Never Expires)
  • 83 Page Downloadable Training Program
  • 39 Different Lessons
  • 26 Fully Detailed/Professional videos: (Spray Tan Technique broken up into bosy section/ Spray Tan Basics / Spray Tan Solution Customization/ Spray Tanning Men / Spray Tan Equipment / DIY videos and more!)
  • Links to my personal spray tan suppliers
  • Links to most popular spay tan solution companies
  • 2 / 1 Hour Zoom Calls
  • Certificate of Completion


Add Equipment Package

  • Apollo Mini Mist T1000
  • XL Spray Tan Tent
  • 3 Quartz Sjolie Spray Tan Solution (9%, 12%, Rapid Violet Bases)
  • Barrier Cream 8oz.
  • pH Balance Spray 8oz.

Online Spray Tan Training

Excluding Sales Tax
  • No Refuns/Returns available

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