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Impressive Glow

Ready to build your beauty empire? Impressive Glow's business coaching and all-inclusive training courses including Spray Tan Training and Teeth Whitening Training will teach you everything you need to know to get started, or to grow! 
Gina's years of experience and personal investment in her own skills and knowledge have been put into our exclusive courses, giving you lifetime value.

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I built a six-figure beauty business,

and now I'm here to help you build yours.

Originally, I started my spray tan business to earn a bit of extra cash on top of my full-time job as a single mom. I have expanded and grown from just spray tans, to now teeth whitening and to training and coaching, while still running my own salon, and have gained back time and freedom to enjoy life with my family!

How We Can Help


My mission is to help all women in the beauty industry build their businesses with confidence and ultimate success. All of my years of experience and extensive investment into my own business are things I can not wait to share with others!

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Spray Tanning

Our intensive spray tanning training course covers everything you need to know, from theory to application on live models, and also includes all equipment and supplies to get you started! The most brand neutral training available! 

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Teeth Whitening

Offering the most in depth teeth whitening training course available anywhere! Learn the Laws and regulations that are very strict for all states. Let me walk you through our detailed program, so that you feel full confident to start your own teeth whitening business. 

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