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How To Book More Bridal Spray Tan Clients | Spray Tan Artist Tips

Wedding Season is almost here! Can you feel it? Last year was a HUGE wedding season with all the rescheduled weddings from Covid, this year is going to be the same!! Taping into the wedding market as a spray tan artist is such a great idea, but there are some tricks that may help you get more brides booking with you!

Lets think about how we can use Instagram to find these brides and get them to even realize you are a spray tan artist who they can trust! Actually we really just want them to know we exist! Normally, spray tan artist will just find other wedding vendors and follow their pages, like photographers, wedding coordinators, venues, caterers...but those business aren't your target audience, the brides are! But who is following those vendor pages? BRIDES!! So the idea is to request to follow that businesses followers!! DUHHHH those are the brides!! Are you picking up what I am dropping down here?

Another trick, is to find wedding photographers you LOVE in your local area. Show them some of your work, because I will say I know MANY photographers that actually discourage brides getting spray tanned because if the quality of the tan isn't great, it really effects their pictures, so assure them you can be counted on to get great results and help his business succeed as well. Offer exclusive offers to just his/her clients so that he/she shares your info also.

BUILD A WEDDING GLAM SQUAD!! Round up the best beauty business ladies you know in your area and build a Bridal TEAM!!! How great for a bride to see a group of women offer services and all working together to help her feel less stress!!

Remember that Bridal spray tans are really important and women need some social proof that you are great at what you do, so with that being said don't forget to start collecting your Google reviews from Day #1!!!

Bridal Expos! Get to know other vendors, network and really work the room! Even if you don't get a whole bunch a brides booking, jus the networking alone can be so beneficial at these events.

I hope you loved these ideas! Let me know which you love or what you do to get more bridal clients this busy season!!!

<3 Gina

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