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I started a Spray Tan business

Weird title right? I mean obviously you know I started a spray tan business, but do you know my REAL story? DO you know why I started it? DO you know what it has become in a very short amount of time? Do you know where I want to take this opportunity?

Here are some things you may not know about my story. In 2018 I decided to walk away from a 15 year relationship, one of the scariest things I have even done in my life! A single mom with 2 kids (11 and 16 at the time) what the heck was I going to do ON MY OWN! I was financially terrified! Honestly growing up, like most families I felt the stress of financial problems all through my childhood. I always worked very hard through out my 20's but I never really knew how to handle money the right way. Money has always been a heavy weight on my chest for as long as I can remember! I was so TIRED of living that way, something had to be done!

My day job as a medical biller was going to get us by, BARELY, but i knew I needed to find something to do part time, but it had to meet a few requirements:

* Couldn't cost much to start (Cause, well, I didn't have anything to invest!)

* Couldn't take up too much time (I mean I'm a single mom raising 2 kids still!)

* Couldn't be an expensive business to keep up

I had somehow come across a YouTube video a few years before about starting a spray tan business and thought, "Hey that might be fun!" but never looked more into it. Well, I came across that same video AGAIN and it reignited that idea. The more I looked into the possibilities, I discovered, there was no licensing needed, it was a low cost investment, I could run it on my schedule and it wasn't going to be an expensive business to keep up!!!

As a single mom tax time has always been a nice little check to relieve some of that stress built up from the year prior. Most years i used half to just get caught up on bills and blow the rest on something I "deserved" to buy, cause i worked so hard! See what I mean when I say I wasn't very smart with money LOL NOT THIS YEAR, NOT THIS TIME! I was going to use that money and invest in my future, in my kids future! Something had to give finally!!! So there I went, 4 hours south to San Diego, investing more in myself than I had ever done before!

I came home and went to work! It honestly took my a good 6 to 7 months to feel confident in my abilities! But my clients seemed to love everything I was doing! I went from less than 20 appointments a month, to now booking over 60 a month and EVEN starting a training program, both 1 on 1 and in person!!! I can not believe what this business has done for me! I am no where near being rich or comfortable quitting my full time job, but that financial pressure that has been sitting on my chest since I was a kid, is a lot lighter <3

My passion is stronger than just spray tanning ladies to make them look beautiful for a family vacation, although that such a great part of this business! My heart is so drawn to helping women feel financially independent! To know that they are never stuck in a situation that doesn't make them happy, just because of finances! I have never been so excited to wake up each morning knowing that I get to make women feel beautiful, confident, empowered and STRONG!!

If you are interested in learning more about Spray Tan training or just to try out a spray tan, please contact me and lets see how we can get you growing and glowing <3

This is all the reason I need <3

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